Monumental Mistake

It's quite tricky to make parisian monuments appear interesting, freshly interesting that is. They've been photographed to death and I'm stabbing them a little bit more. Yes, that must be the reason why it's so hard to make those really glorious shots.
Actually it's a wonder they still have some soul left.

This series is a walk. I enter by the Square Court, and finish my nose on the pyramid.

Not absolutely happy with those but still, I'm publishing them because they made me realize something important. Like super dumb important.

You'll notice that the pyramid is a tad bit decentered.

Ok, first for me who loves symetry, it's absolutely nerve braking, no matter what, you won't have that damn thing in the middle, or you'll have it, but now the problem is the rest...

So my questions:
- is it humanly possible it's a conception mistake?
- I think so. Then who is at the origin of this shame? Because I need me some scapegoat ya know. Pointing fingers is something even apes are great at.

You'll see the pyramid is a bit decentered on the photo of the main court. So Leoh Ming Pei, my dear we'll have to talk.
Now I can't believe it's truely an "oops, sorry" mistake.
I'd tend to think it's more along the line of:
- shit, there's a big water canalisation here in the middle and we can't move it, impossible...
- look guys, the project is almost finalized we already have millions out of the bank, some holes are already digged, fuck it, let's do it and pray it won't be too obvious.


Anyway, whomever fault it is, I doubt he rests in peace, creating centuries lasting annoyement is a sin. A big one.


Edit: a good blog about the Louvre: http://missionaulouvre.blogspot.com/
This post talks a bit about the decentering, but it's not clear:

A y regarder de plus près la perspective n’est pas aussi parfaite et cela doit faire son charme. A la base le Louvre est un peu décentré, le cœur historique de Paris se trouvait derrière, et à son extrémité, l’Arche de la Défense n’a pu être alignée en raison de ses fondations et des passages de tunnels ferroviaires et routiers sous sa base. Dans les deux cas les communards ne purent rien. Les versaillais non plus.

Looking at those pics, I think I could make an effin magnolia look "techno".


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